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The Training Files include the following training programs:

Hydrography I Course 1953 - 1987

A training course for all field hydrographers upon entering the CHS.

Hydrography II Course 1968 -.

A course given after a few years of field experience and required to be promoted beyond the ESS6 Level.

Cartography ICourse

Cartography II Course

University Training Plan

Basic Charting Course-1989

Hydrographer-in-Charge Seminar 1985

Senior Cartographers Seminar 1989 

Canada Lands Surveyor Commission

"Hydrography" Course - 1988 -

A course for both field hydrographers and cartographers to bring them to equal proficiency.
This allowed them all to be classified as EGs.
Included are modules of Hydrography, Cartography and Seamanship and Navigation.
(Note: Documentation for execution of these courses is not available at this time.)

Supplemental Training

Training conducted by Staff Training
- In Canada, outside the CHS
- Foreign training, outside of Canada