Friends of Hydrography

Friends of Hydrography

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The Canadian Hydrographic Association began publishing a Newsletter in 1969 to cover technical articles and other items of interest to the CHA. The name was changed to Lighthouse in 1971 with a logo of a generic lighthouse as its cover. Edition 82 was the last journal published in 2014. The Friends of Hydrography are making available here the scanned copies of every issue. While the technical articles will quickly be out of date along with the equipment and services offered by the sponsors and advertisers, there is a lot of history in these pages that is worth preserving.

Each journal was scanned into a low (~10MB) and high resolution (~125MB) pdf document. Please be patient if you are loading the high resolution version as it could take several minutes for large files. Early editions had faded resulting in a poor text conversion so the best accessing method may be through the supplied indexes of articles by edition. Once in a specific edition, the table of contents should provide a quick link to the article or news item of interest.

Much thanks must go to the CHA volunteers who prepared these journals over the years on their own time and to the archiving efforts found here.