Friends of Hydrography

Friends of Hydrography

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CHS - The Canadian Hydrographic Service is the official producer of nautical charts in Canada.  With approximately 1000 paper charts and 300 digital charts in its inventory, it also produces Sailing Directions, Tide Tables, Water Levels and numerous other nautical publications.  Please visit the CHS Web Site to view their full range of products and activities.

CHA - The Canadian Hydrographic Association. We are a non-profit, scientific and technical group of more than 200 members with the objective of: advancing the development of hydrography, marine cartography and associated activities in Canada; furthering the knowledge and professional development of its members; enhancing and demonstrating the public need for hydrography; assisting in the development of hydrographic sciences in developing countries. It is the only national hydrographic organization in Canada. It embraces the disciplines of: hydrographic surveying; marine cartography; marine geodesy; offshore exploration; tidal and tidal current studies. The Canadian Hydrographic Association is formally affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Geomatics. It is informally associated with The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA).

FIG Comm. IV - The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is a non-governmental organization with nine technical commissions which cover a broad range of surveying activities.  Commission 4 covers hydrography.  The terms of reference of Comm. 4 are to: Promote the aims and objectives of FIG to hydrographers through the active involvement of national delegates from member associations and other interested parties in the activities of the Commission. Develop guidelines and standards that will assist hydrographers in the provision of their service, Disseminate information relevant to the profession through participation in international meetings, conferences and committees.

Hydro Society - "The Hydrographic Society  is an organization with global membership, aiming at promotion of the science of surveying over water and related disciplines as well as the fostering of recognized standards of education and training for those engaged, or intending to engage in hydrographic work." 

IHO - "The International Hydrographic Organization is an intergovernmental consultative and technical organization that was established in 1921 to support the safety in navigation and the protection of the marine environment." (From the IHO Web Site.)     IHO has an excellent publication called The International Hydrographic Review.  The following listings provide the indices of this publication (up to 1997) divided into six subjects - Historical, Hydrography, Cartography, Navigation, Tides and Water Levels and Oceanography. Please click on the subject you wish to view.

Museums - There are many museums in Canada that will be of interest to people interested in hydrography.  The following table lists these museums and their web site URL's:   Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Ontario (; Discovery Harbour at Penitanguishene, Ontario  (; The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (   

THSOA - The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA) serves as the focal point for activities in America. Members of THSOA receive The Seahorse newsletter, are eligible for membership in local chapters, and receive a discount on registration at THSOA sponsored events. Local chapters have been formed in Houston, Texas, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and Portland, Oregon. THSOA also provides administrative support to the US. Branch of The Hydrographic Society.  There Web Site is new and is worth visiting.