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Cartography I Course (Carto I)

Cartography I Course, generally referred to as Carto I  

The objective of the Cartography I Course is to acquaint new cartographic employees with the fundamentals of marine cartography and to provide instruction in the basic knowledge and skills required in the construction, maintenance and revision of nautical charts.

The purpose of the course is to advance the productive capabilities of new marine cartographers and to enhance the knowledge and skill of cartographers currently on strength. Satisfactory completion of the course is an essential factor for new employees in completing their probationary period.

Candidates for the Cartography I Course must meet the selection standards for the DDI level of the Drafting and Illustrating Group and have a basic appreciation of general cartography.  Graduation from a cartography program at an institute of technology, or the equivalent experience in cartography, is a definite asset.

The course was designed to fit the above needs as determined by the Training Committee. The principle instructors for the course were Ron H. Haas, who was primarily concerned with the compilation aspect of the course, and John Cookson whose primary concern was drafting. In all courses a number of specialist instructors were called upon to augment the regular training staff.  Most courses, except where otherwise specified, were conducted in Ottawa.  Certificates were issued to those who had "passed with distinction" and to those who had "passed". The issuing of the certificates would be authorized by the Training Committee. Those who did not pass the course could be given a second chance by either writing supplementary exams or completing other practical assignments.

The first Carto I course was given in 1977, from 15 June to 16 August.  This course was based mostly on the subject of compilation. There were 12 trainees. It was thought that 12 should be the maximum number for any one course.

Cartography I (1977)

CARTOGRAPHY I (Compilation)

Summer 1977

From L. to R.: Grant Chan, Al Gris, Mike Wolfe, Frank Miller, Ron Melbourne, Dave Fleming (back)

Ron Haas (Intructor), "Jeep" Seguin, John Cookson (Instructor), Pete Hopkins, Rose MacDonald

Craig Fisher, Hirmo Nepomucemo, Les Pickell

In 1978 there were two courses, one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring one consisted of two parts. The first part was an eight week compilation course from 31 Jan. to 23 March. The other part was a four week drafting course from 28 March to 21 April. Both courses were attended by nine trainees. In the fall a fully integrated compilation and drafting course was given. This course was from 12 Sept. to 7 Dec. and was attended by 12 trainees.

Cartography I (1978)


Winter 1978

From L. to R. (standing) Suresh Chandra, Ken Josephson, Cathy Taylor, Garry Kosowan

Tom Cassidy (back), Elizabeth Crux Cook, Mike Hohl, Aurele Rochon, Grant MacLeod,

Malcolm Jay, Ken Peskett

Instructors (seated) Ron Haas, John Cookson

Cartography I (1978 Fall)


Fall 1978

Back Row L to R: Ron Lemieux, Charles Lagasse, Jim Ross, Peter Morton, Reg Pierce, Paul Warren, Toni Bonnici

Centre Row L to R: Claude Chantigny, Ed Belec, Jean Villeneuve, Joanne Glinski, Marcel Chenier

Front Row, Instructors: Ron Haas, John Cookson


The 1979 course ran from 11 Sept. to 6 Dec. There were eleven trainees.

Cartography I (1979)



Standing L. to R. Jose Estevez, Bruce Richards, Alan Smith, Alain Gagnon, Ted Radmore,

Debbie Hepworth Tom Cassidy, Michel Blondin, Alex Hantzis, Eric Earl, Mike Lloyd

Instructors (seated) John Cookson, Ron Haas

In 1980 the course followed the by now well established pattern. It ran from 9 Sept. to 4 Dec. and was attended by 10 trainees.

Cartography I (1980)



Standing L. to R. S. Bockmaster, A. Schofield, G. Stead, S. Weston, R.Sanfacon,

C. Schipilow, M. Jennings, S. Chander, B. Little, M. Brown

Instructors (seated) J. Cookson, R. Haas

There was no Carto I course in 1981.

In 1982 there were two Carto I courses. Both were given in Ottawa. The first one, in English, ran from 11 Jan. to 2 April and was attended by 10 trainees. The second one was the first course given in French for two trainees.  It overlapped the first course In those areas where it was feasible to do so.  The prime instructors on this course were Terry Tremblay and Paul Guibord. This course was from 9 March to 3 June.

Cartography I (1982 eng)



Standing L. to R. Nick Palmer, Gerry Kidson, Patsy Meisner, David Jackson, Doug Frizzle

Ralph Renaud, Heather Pite, Chris Gorski, Harvey Pfluger

Instructors (seated) Ron Haas, John Cookson


Cartography I (1982 fr)



From L. to R. Paul Guibord (Professeur), Diane de Montigny, Guylaine Tessier, Terry Tremblay (Proffesseur)

In 1983 both English and French courses were given in Ottawa. The French language instructors were the same as in the previous year. The courses ran simultaneously from 22 Feb. to 18 May. There were five English trainees, one of whom was from Pakistan, and one French trainee.

Cartography I (1983)



Back Row L. to R. George Yeaton (A/Chief Training), John Cookson (Instructor), Alain McDonald,

Terry Tremblay (Instructor, Paul Guibord (instructor), Bernard Kenny

Front Row L. to R. Ron Haas (Instructor), Denis Pigeon, Helen Fuchs-Trapp, Bruce Tuck, Iqbal Ahmed  

The 1984 course was in English only. There were 4 trainees of whom one took the compilation module only, and two took the drafting module only. This course was given in Ottawa from 24 Jan. to 20 April.

Cartography I (1984)



D. Black, G. Kosowan, M.Wolfe, R. Haas (Instrictor), J. Cookson (Instructor)


In 1985 there were three trainees. This was a French language course given in Ottawa. This course was from 5 Feb. to 2 May.

Cartographie I (1985 fr)



From L. to R. Paul Guibord (Instructor), Michele Grenier, Jean Papineau,

Anne Frenette, Terry Tremblay (Instructor)

There was no Carto I course in 1986.

!987 was the last year a Carto I course in its present form was given. It was an English language course from 24 Feb to 16 April. There were a total of nine trainees, including one from Pakistan and three from Malaysia who were sponsored by CIDA/CISM.

Cartography I (1987)



From L. to R. Baharom bin Abu, Lim Joon Chai, Judy Lockhart, Ilona Hilbert-Mullen,

Bent Nielsen, Ron Haas (Instructor), Dave Prince, John Cookson (Instructor),

Joe Lamont, Sandra Bishop, Hamdan bin Ismail


Cartographie I (1988 fr)



Names to be inserted



Cartography I (1989)



In the picture from L. to R. Paul Guibord (Inst), Louis Poliquin, Terry Tremblay (Inst), Andre Roy, Jean Arseneault,

        Rene Lepage (Inst), Michael Rosette



Basic Cartography (1990)



Names to be inserted.


Cartographie I (1991 fr)



from L to R: Rene Lepage, Terry Tremblay, Jacques Gagne, Pierre Page,

Lise Pelletier, Gilles Lebrun, Paul Guibord