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Supplementary Training

Conducted or arranged by CHS Staff Training

Staff Training in 1962 arranged a classroom course in Seamanship and Navigation for six intermediate rank hydrographers.

1963 saw the second classroom course in Seamanship and Navigation for six hydrographers. This was followed by one month of practical training on the CSS Cartier.

At the request of the US Army Corps of Engineers, a three week course for upgrading and modernizing the hydrographic field operations of the Corps was developed by Staff Training. In Sept. – Oct. 1974. Sid van Dyck went to Vicksburg, Miss. as coordinator and chief instructor of the course. A second course was given with the same parameters in March-April 1976. (Canadian participation in this program rose from a series of short seminars given by CHS training staff at the Second Annual Hydrographic Conference of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Mobile, Alabama. <1973 Annual Report>).

The 1984 "Hydrographic Training Project Jamaica" was designed and carried out in Jamaica from 3 Oct. to 12 Dec. The training staff, Pete Richards, Gunther Schuetzenmeier were assisted by Jack Wilson from the CHS.