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Cartography II Course (Carto II)

Cartography II Course, generally referred to as CARTO II.

The objective of the Cartography II Course is to provide background information and some of the theoretical principles concerning the processes involved in the production of nautical charts. To provide additional details of certain cartographic aspects of the construction and maintenance of charts and to provide knowledge about peripherally related subjects of interest and concern to senior cartographers.

The purpose of the course is to enhance the technical knowledge and competence of cartographers so that they may effectively fulfill supervisory or specialist roles. The successful completion of the Cartography II Course is one of the requirements in qualifying for positions beyond the working level.

The candidate for the Cartography II Course should have successfully completed the Cartography I Course and have progressed through a variety of cartographic assignments to the top working level. Alternatively, the candidate should be thoroughly familiar with the fundamental principles associated with the various phases of nautical chart construction.

The course was designed by Staff Training based on requirements established by the Training Committee. Certificates were issued to those who passed the course. In the first three courses there were certificates for "passed" and "passed with distinction". Those who did not "pass" were given the opportunity to write supplemental exams and/or complete other requirements at their regional headquarters.

Senior cartographers, DD5 and up, who took the course, were not required to write exams. For them the course was considered to be a general update.

The prime instructors for this course were Ron H. Haas and John Cookson. In all courses a number of specialist instructors were called upon to augment the regular training staff. All courses, except where otherwise indicated, were given in Ottawa. The language for all courses was English.

The first Carto II course was given in 1982. There were a total of eight participants of whom seven were senior cartographers from all regions. The course was given from 28 Sept. to 28 Oct. There were no failures.

Cartography II (1982)



From L. to R.: H. Furuya (A/Chief, Training and Standards), Laurie Thompson, Sandie Weston,

Boyd Thorson, Roland Perrotte, J.P. Racette, Ron Bell (hidden), Harold Comeau, Brent Beale (back),

Ron Haas (Instructor), John Cookson (Instructor), Terry Tremblay (Instructor) 


The 1983 course ran from 8 Sept. to 7 Oct. There were ten trainees. Three passed with distinction and the others passed the course.

Cartography II (1983)



From L. to R.: R. Lamirande, F. Miller, C. Fisher, T. Cassidy, M. Frederick,

G. Yeaton (A/Chief Training), R. Haas (Instructor), K. Holman,

R.Korhonen, R. LePage, A. Hantzis, A. Rochon


The 1984 course ran from 6 Sept. to 5 Oct. There were nine trainees. Two passed with distinction, five passed, one failed and one did not write the exams because of illness.

Cartography II (1984)



L. to R.: J. Cookson (Instructor), R. Chapeskie, P. Warren, R. Haas (Instructor),

D. Jackson, M. Chenier, D. Frizzle, C. Chantigny, R. Farmer, E. Earl, S. Chander


In 1985 there were again nine trainees. One was a member of the government of South Africa. The course lasted from 9 Sept. to 4 Oct. Seven candidates passed and two failed.

Cartography II (1985)



From L. to R.: T. Pharaoh, J. Elliot, G. Macleod, D. Hepworth, A. Philp, A. Gagnon,

J-P. Seguin, J. Cookson (Instructor), A.Gris, R. Haas (Instructor)


The 1986 course ran from 15 Sept. to 10 Oct. There were 10 trainees. Nine passed the course and one did not complete the course.

Cartography II (1986)



Standing L. to R.  H.Nepomuceno, M. Grenier, A. Smith, J.Papineau,

M. Hohl, M, Jennings, A. Lyon, M. Wolfe

Seated R. Haas (Instructor), P. Richards ( A/Chief Training), J. Cookson (Instructor)

In 1987 there were nine trainees. The course ran from 9 Sept. to 8 Oct. There is no information available on passes and failures.

Cartography II (1987)



From L. to R.: Al Schofield, Bernard Kenny, J. Cookson (Instructor), Ed. Lischenski,

Murray Farmer, Alain Macdonald, Ron Haas (Instructor),

Steve Bockmaster, Denis Pigeon, Bert McCorriston

Of the seven trainees in 1988, there was one from the Royal New Zealand Hydrographic Office. The course ran from 8 Sept. to 29 Sept. All candidates passed the exams.

Cartography II (1988)



From L. to R.: Elizabeth Crux, Gordon Stead, Graham Whincup, Gerry Kidson,

Helen Fuchs-Trapp, Kevin Smith, Al Gris

The last Carto II course was given in 1989. It lasted from 18 Sept. to 6 Oct. Of the seven trainees all passed the exams.

Cartography II (1989)



L. to R.: Harvey Pfluger, Bruce Richards, Dave Prince, Pete Richards (Instructor),

Chris Gorski, Ron Haas (Instructor), Dave Fleming, Malcolm Jay, Dave Black