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From 1958 R.B. Young letter:

C.G.S. "Restless"

Built in New Westminster, B.C. in 1906 for Fisheries Protection Service.
Length 71 feet, wood construction.

In 1914 transferred to Naval Service.
In 1920 transferred to Hydrographic Service and used as survey vessel until 1923, with Comdr. J. H. Knight, officer-in- charge. The vessel was sold in 1927.



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

 1920  J.H. Knight    West Coast  Hydrographic
 1921  J.H. Knight    West Coast  Hydrographic
 1922  J.H. Knight    West Coast  Hydrographic
 1923  J.H. Knight    West Coast  Hydrographic