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From 1958 R.B. Young letter:

C.G.S. "Parry"

Originally R.C.N. Patrol Boat "Talapus". Renamed "Parry" and used by Hydrographic Service from 1947 to present time.
Length 84 feet. 109 tons.

 Officers-in-Charge, Comdr. J. A. Brown and Mr. S.O. Wigen

Masters: Comdr. J.A. Brown, Capt. H. Halkett, Capt. A.H. Peterson and Capt. D.G. Martin- Smith.

(1958 notes): Launched 1942 - Gross tonnage: 109 - Length 79 ft - No of launches 2 -Total personnel 16 - Hydrographers 3.



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

1952 J.A. Brown Hoskyn Inlet, east of Quadra Island,eastern area of Johnstons Strait, southern portion of Loughborough Inlet Hydrographic
1953 S.O. Wigen   Laredo Sd to Douglas Channel, near Seymore Narrows Tidal, Hydrographic
1954 S.O. Wigen   Vancouver Hbr Tidal, Hydrographic
1955     Sutil Channel, Bute Inlet, Frederic Arm

Johnstone & Queen Charlotte Strs, Vancouver Hbr.



1956     Mackenzie Sound, Drury Inl, Dean Chan.

Vancouver Harbour, Johnstone Strait


Tidal, Current

1958     Ripple Rock

Seymour Narrows & Discovery Passage

Played part in demolition

Tidal, Current
1959     five areas in B.C.: False Narrows, Turn Point, Fitzhugh Sound, Sansum Narrows and Active Pass Tidal Current Surveys
1963 Kyuquot, Vancouver Isl Hydrographic
1963 Current Surveys
1964 Vancouver Island Current Surveys
1966 J.F. Bath,
Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island Hydrographic
1966 W.J. Rapatz (part time) Port Edward, Vancouver Harbour Current Surveys
 1967     Pacific Region  Tidal Current Surveys, scientific studies