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from 1958 R.B. Young letter:

C.G.S. "Marabell"

Originally U.S. Minesweeper and private yacht.
Length 136 feet,  316 tons.

Obtained by Hydrographic Service in 1952 and used from 1953 to present time.

Officers-in-Charge: Comdr. J.A. Brown and Mr. R.W. Sandilands.

Master: Capt. J.H. Matheson.

(1958 notes): Launched 1943 -  No of launches 2 -Total personnel 30 - Hydrographers 6



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

1953     Johnstone Str, between Vancouver I. and mainland Hydrographic
1954     B.C. Various
1955     Queen Charlotte Sd. & others in B.C. Hydrographic
1956     Cascade & Roscoe inls, Bentinck Arms, Burke & Dean Channels Hydrographic
1959     Queen Charlotte Isl. Hydrographic
1959     Port Alberni, Vancouver Island Harbour
1959     Seymour, Belize and Nugent Inlets Hydrographic
 1962     Gulf Islands and channel off Portland Inlet  Hydrographic 
1963 from Vancouver to north of Prince Rupert Various
1964 B.R. Russel BC, Numerous locations Hydrographic
1965 C.G. McIntosh Ballenas Isl. range.South Coast of BC RCN requiremnets
1965 C.G. McIntosh Observaorty Inlet, northern BC and others Standard
1966 J.E.V. Goodwill Mensies Bay, Uchucklesit Inlet, Neroutsos Inlet, Portland Inlet, Observatory Inlet Hydrographic
 1967  J.E.V. Goodwill F. Green to 25 Aug, then V. Dale- Johnson   Nanaimo, Muchalat Inlet, Portland Inlet, Seymour and Belize Inlets Various 
 1968 J,E.V. Goodwill    Departure Bay, Troup Passage, Vancouver Harb, Spiller Channel  Various 
 1969 J.E.V. Goodwill    Comox Harbour and Approaches, Meyers Narrows, Chatham Sound, Range Lights Johnstone Str  Various