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La Canadienne

Robert Duncan of Port Glasgow, Scotland built 'La Canadienne' as the 'Foxhound' in 1880. She was 154 feet long, 23 feet beam, 11 feet depth and was 372 gross tons. She was powered by a single screw, steam compound engine of 60 NHP, although later may have been re-engined with a triple expansion engine. She was bought i 1881 and renamed, then used for fisheries patrol and general duties. In 1906 she was transferred to hydrographic survey duties in the lower St. Lawrence River.

In 1912 she was recommissioned for service in the Great Lakes and left Quebec June 14.While upbound in the Cornwall Canal on June 17 she collided with the steamer 'Britanic' coming out of the upper lock, but sustained no serious damage. However, on June 20 she met with a second and more serious accident while passing through the Welland Canal. She ran into the Upper Gate Lock No. 22 that did serious damage to her hull and caused her to sink and drown two persons ashore. She was raised on June 25 in care of the Canal Engineer and taken to Port Dalhousie for repairs. She sailed from there July 28 for Duck Island in Lake Huron and did not reach Lake Superior until August 7. 

On September 1916, she ran aground in the entrance to Black Bay in Lake Superior and was taken to the dry-dock at Port Arthur for repairs. This was her last survey season with the Hydrographic Service. In 1017 her crew were urgently required for Naval Service elsewhere, and in 1918 she was sold out of Government Service at Owen Sound.



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

 1906      Lower St.Lawrence below Quebec Hydrographic 
 1907       Lower St.Lawrence below Quebec  Hydrographic
 1908       Lower St.Lawrence below Quebec  Hydrographic
 1909       Lower St.Lawrence below Quebec  Hydrographic
 1910       Lower St.Lawrence below Quebec  Hydrographic
1912 Capt Brown Lake Superior  Hydrographic
1913 Lake Superior  Hydrographic
1914 Lake Superior  Hydrographic
1915 Lake Superior  Hydrographic
1916 Lake Superior  Hydrographic