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John A. Macdonald



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

1962   T. Jones Capt Cuthbert  Eastern Arctic, including Tanquary Fiord  Sailing Directions, Track sounding, various 
1964 A.R. Rogers Eastern Arctic Various
1965 A.R. Rogers  (H. Pulkinnen) P.M. Fournier Eastern Arctic Various
1966 M.A. Hemphill 5 Sept-5 Nov Eastern Arctic Track sounding, Various
1967 M.G. Swim 9 July to 19 Aug Eastern Arctic Track sounding, Range Line
1969 R.K. Williams, 1 Sept to 8 Nov Eastern and western Arctic  Northwest Passage with "Manhattan" project
1970 R.K. Williams,   9 Sept - 28 Sept Northwest Passage Control survey for next year's Decca survey 
1971 JMR Pilote Capt Yarn Eastern Arctic, various Various
 1973 M'Clintock Channel, Peel Sound, Victoria Strait  Reconnaissance