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(1958 notes): Launched 1944 - Gross tonnage: 709 - Length 158 ft - No of launches 2 -Total personnel 31- Hydrographers 5 - Chartered for surveying season.



Capt./Sail Master


Survey Type

1950 D'Arcy Charles   Port Burwell,
Frobisher Bay
Harbour Approaches
1951     Resolution Island Harbour
1952 D’Arcy Charles   Ungava Bay, E. Arctic Exploratory
1953 D’Arcy Charles   Ungava Bay, E. Arctic Reconnaissance
1954     Payne Bay, western Ungava Bay, E. Arctic for Resources access
1955 D'Arcy Charles   Hopes Advance Bay,Ungava Bay, Hudson Strait Inshore, Coastal
1956 D'Arcy Charles   Ungava Bay, at Payne Bay & Hopes Advance Inshore, Coastal
1958     NFLD, Hudson Str Harbour, Inshore, Current
1959     Nfld, Quirpon Harbour Approaches
1959     Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island Inshore, Head of Bay