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Submitting My Info

If you would like to submit your own autobiography or have any information to add, please email us.

You may follow the format as shown below in Joe Example, but do not feel confined to this.  We are happy to receive any information about yourself or others.  Thank you for your contributions.

Joe Example

1928 -

April 1952 Joined Canadian Hydrographic Service  
Apr 52 - Jan 55 Hydrographer, Shoreparty Eastern Nova Scotia
Feb 55 - Jan 56 Sr. Asst., CSS Cartier Gulf of St Lawrence
Jan 56 - 1973 Head, Quality Control Unit, Cartography Ottawa
1973 - 1995 Head, Production Control and Standards Ottawa



I was born in Moncton NB in 1928. Moved to Nova Scotia in 1929. Spent two years at St. Anne’s University, NS, studying Business Administration. Attended the Nova Scotia Land Surveying School in Lawrencetown, NS, where I obtained a Surveying Certificate and License in Surveying for the Province on Nova Scotia in 1949.

From September 1949 to December 1950 I was employed by the Federal Department of Agriculture, surveying in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for the rehabilitation of the marshlands.

In 1951 I spent 10 months working on the re-building of the Goose Bay, Labrador airport facilities.

In April 1952 I joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service where I was first a junior hydrographer on eastern Nova Scotia shore parties. Then in 1955 was promoted to senior assistant on the CSS Cartier doing standard hydrographic surveys in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

In Feb. 1956 I was appointed to head the Quality Control Unit in the Cartographic Section in Ottawa. Here in 1970 I was a key player in selecting a new format for the CHS bilingual nautical charts. Served two years (1972 and 1974) on the board of the Cartographic Advisory Committee for Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa.

In 1973 was promoted to Head of Production Control and Standards for nautical charts and retained this position until my retirement in February 1985, after 34 years of public service. In 1975 I produced the first bilingual "Manual of Cartographic Terminology" as a reference guide for the production of bilingual charts. Also served in an acting capacity, as Head of the Quebec Region Chart Production for 7 months in 1978 and in Dartmouth, NS, for four months in 1981. I was Acting Director of Cartography for a period in 1983.

After retirement I operated a successful consulting service from 1985 to 1997.

In February 1999 I Joined the "Friends of Hydrography" volunteer group, a group recording hydrographic data for posterity.