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G. Kavanagh

    1966 - Electronic Technician - Entrance to Georgian Bay - shore party - 2 Oct to 14 Oct

David Jacques (Jake) Kean

1945 –

•May 1968      Joined CHS Central Region in Ottawa and was assigned to Ottawa River Survey Bryson - Davison,  Quebec.    
(HIC Ab Rogers)
•1968/69         Hydro I training cruise in Caribbean CSS BAFFIN (HIC Sid van Dyck)
• 1968/69-Training-Hydro I
Photos: Hydro I 1968/69)
•1969              Navigational Range Survey St. Lawrence River, Montreal – Three Rivers, Quebec (HIC 
John  O’Shea)
•1970             Exchange hydrographer from Central to Atlantic Region. CSS MAXWELL Revisory Survey Riviere
au Renaud - Rimouski (HIC Junior Hemphill); CSS BAFFIN Beaufort Sea and Prince of Wales Strait
(HIC Burt Smith);               
CCGS LOUIS S. ST. LAURENT Northwest Passage (HIC Ken Williams); shore based Liscomb
Harbour, N.S.
(HIC Roy Amero)
•1971             Little Current, Georgian Bay (HIC Bob Marshall)
•1972             Spring training cruise for Hydrography I course, training officer, CSS WILLIAM J. STEWART 
(HIC Sid van Dyck/Frank Hall)
•1972             Fort George, James Bay HIC shore based sub-party, (HIC Bruce Wright on CCGS NARWHAL)
•1973            Hamilton Harbour (HIC Ab Rogers)
•1974            HIC Spring Horizontal Control Survey in Lake Erie, North Channel, Winnipeg River
•1974           U.S. N.O.S. Exchange hydrographer worked on US Lake Erie, Lake Michigan
•1975           HIC Revisory Survey, CSL VERITY, Montreal – Whitby, Ont.
•1976           HIC Revisory Survey, CSL VERITY, Richelieu River, Ottawa River, Rideau River, Trent Severn Waterway and
Georgian Bay to Parry Sound.
•1976          November, transferred from Central Region to Ottawa HQ Planning Unit
•1976 - 1985    Planning Officer, CHS HQ
•1977         Hydrographer on CSS BAFFIN, southern Northwest Passage (HIC Ken Williams)
•1979         HIC CCGS SIR JOHN FRANKLIN, Prince Albert Sound, N.W.T.
•1980         Lake Huron aerial hydrography project (HIC Dick MacDougall)
•1980        HIC CCGS J.E. BERNIER, Simpson Strait, N.W.T.
•1981        Steensby Inlet, Foxe Basin, CCGS LABRADOR (HIC Bud Swim)
•1982        Iles de la Madeleine (HIC J.M. Gervais)
•1985 - present    Manager National Planning, CHS HQ


My twin brother Anthony and I were born in Oshawa, Ontario on September 5, 1945. Our Father John David and Grandfather David (Dave) Jacques were both Civil Engineers and were the first Father/Son team of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to simultaneously direct civil engineering operations in two separate counties - Peterborough County and Ontario County.

After receiving my elementary and secondary schooling in Peterborough (one of my most memorable times was the schooling of grades 5, 6 and 7 in a two room 8 grade school house in rural Peterborough. There were 3 or maximum 4 of us in the one grade.), Sudbury and Carleton Place, I then graduated from Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology (NCAAT), Kirkland Lake campus in Civil Technology in May 1968. Two other classmates Peter Dal Bianco and Ted Waugh were also taken on strength with the Canadian Hydrographic Service in May 1968.

During the summer of 1966, I worked as a student for the International Great Lakes Level Board of Department of Public Works based in London, Ontario surveying along the shores of Lake Erie to survey transects in order to map the effects of erosion. I vividly recall the Party Chief, Art Powell, saying "if you find anything stamped Canadian Hydrographic Service (soil post, rock post, bench mark) use it or tie into it. Their horizontal/vertical positions are the best in Canada." That aroused my curiosity and I since found it very rewarding to be hired on to work for CHS to fully understand the comment from Art on CHS accurate positioning.

In 1981, I received Commission 1019 as a Canada Lands Surveyor.

Received Canada 125 Commemorative Medal in recognition of his years of exemplary service to the CHS and the people of Canada.
Source: Lighthouse, Spring 1994, p. 46.

• 2002 - received Queen’s Gold Jubilee Medal for exemplary service to CHS
• 2003 - retired

Capt. (later Admiral Sir) Henry Kellett, K.C.B., R.N.

Died in 1875. Entered the Navy in 1822. As a junior officer, was employed on surveying duties in Africa, China and South America. Promoted Captain in 1842. In 1845, was appointed to carry out surveys in the Pacific with the ships HERALD and PANDORA. Early in the expedition was unexpectantly ordered to proceed to the Arctic regions to aid in the search for Sir John Franklin. Rear Admiral 1862; Vice Admiral 1868.

• 1832- OIC (as a Lieut.) of HMS STARLING, surveyed Columbia River up to Fort Vancouver
• 1846-48 - Officer in Charge, HMS HERALD, B.C. surveys (Port San Juan, Neah Bay, Port Townsend, Becher Bay, Pedder Bay, Cordova Bay)

J.C. Kelly

• 1914-15 - Chief Engineer, ACADIA.

M.J. Kelly

• 1966/67-Training-Hydro I (Class Photo)
1967 - Hydrographer - Ottawa River, Chats dam to Bryson dam
1968 - Hydrographer - Trent-Severn Survey, Ont

Harry M. Kelson

1907 - 2003

On 4 October, 1966, Harry Mortimer Kelson – "HMK" – or "Harry", in character with his almost forty years of service to the government, made a very unobtrusive exit from the world of red tape, to enjoy the tranquility of retirement.

How can a man who was a friend to everybody be described? Proverbial platitudes are disregarded as inadequate and hollow, and praise would seem a breach of confidence to one who preferred anonymity.

Harry M. Kelson was born in St. Catherines, Ontario, in 1907. He served as a Student Draughtsman with the Department of the Interior from 1927 until 1931. From 1933 to 1935, he was occupied with clerical work with the Department of Marine, Radio Service. In 1936, a youthful Mr. Kelson joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service in the capacity of a Student Draughtsman – and thirty years later retired from this Service as a Supervising Compiler, with nearly 39 years overall service.

In 1965, he received a Suggestion Award cheque for the publication on a technical Compilation manual, and certainly merited Pulitzer Prize recognition for his talented contributions to "Soundings". Harry was (is) a versatile author, with a prolific knowledge of diversified subjects – from famine in Korea to the qualifications of Gerda Munsinger.

On the last day of his service, mementos from his contemporaries were presented, and official farewells intoned by Mr. N.G. Gray, Dominion Hydrographer, Messrs. C.H. Martin, H. Furuya, E.M. Walsh, O. Hodgins and many others. He also received a certificate of Service from the Department. The quiet dignity of this occasion complied with Harry’s "No fuss – by request".

Unknown to many, Harry has maintained children in Korea for some years (I believe the number is six). A few years ago, he visited these foster-children in the Far East. His book "Land of Dawn" described this episode.

At his haven in Mason Terrace, occupied by pet cat and instant tea, I wonder if Harry is contemplating a short-cut to the Lambert Conformal Projection? One wonders if, in retirement, he is considering discarding that inevitable paper shopping bag, his constant companion coming and going.

In conclusion, a very sincere, Good Health and a Happy Future, from all of us.
Source: Soundings, Dec. 1966.

• Jan. 1936 - appointed to chart construction, as a student assistant.
• 1939 - listed a Student Map Draftsman
• 1940 - listed as Map Draftsman
• 1947 - listed as on staff of chart drafting section
• 1960 - classification in 1960: Map Compiler and Computer Sup 2 • 1966 - retired from the Public Service.
• July 25, 2003 – died at Ottawa in his 97th year

A.D. Kenney

   1965 - Hydrographer - CSS Baffin (Shore Party) - south shore of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
• 1966 - Hydrographer - CSS Baffin - Tail of the Bank
1967 - Hydrographer - CSS Baffin - Grand Bank of Nfld (22 May - 1 Sept)
1970 - Senior Asst -  Shore party No.2 -Ship Harbour to Liscomb Harb, NS - 4 May to 30 Oct

J.C. Kent

• June 1945 - hired.
• 1945 - Seymour Narrows survey.
• 1946 - Inside Passage surveys.
• 1947 - Queen Charlotte & Smith Sounds surveys
• 1947 or early 1948 – resigned

Kergariou (French Navy)

• surveyed Newfoundland in 19th Century

G.M. Kernahan

• 1945 - appointed as 'Seaman Technical'
• 1946 - Student Assistant on MacKenzie River survey.
• 1947 - Great Slave Lake & Great Bear Lake survey

Adam J. Kerr

Adam Kerr was elected, in 1987, and re-elected in 1992, as a member of the International Hydrographic Bureau's Directing Committee. It was the first time that a civilian and also a Canadian has been elected to that position. Adam was educated in the United Kingdom and joined the Merchant Service and between 1950 and 1956 he sailed from the UK to the far east and Australia. He spent two years as navigating officer aboard a British Antarctic research vessel RRS Shackleton where he developed an interest in hydrography and polar affairs. After qualifying as a Master mariner, he came to Canada and joined the CHS both in 1958 and spent many years surveying the waters around Canada including a number of seasons in the Canadian Arctic surveying from the ice and aboard a ship as a hydrographer, leading to his becoming Director of Central and Arctic Region (1972-1977) and Atlantic Region (1979-1987) of the CHS. In 1987 he was elected as a Director at the International Hydrographic Bureau for a 5 year term and was re-elected for an additional 5 years in 1992.  At the end of his second term he retired to the original family home in England but remains very active in the hydrographic community.  He is currently the President of International Hydrographic Management Consulting.

His career and qualifications have the perfect ingredients for this new honour and responsibility, including a British Master (Foreign Going) Certificate, a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Ottawa university, and an M.Sc. in Mariner Law and Policy from the University of Wales in 1978 while on educational leave. Not to mention his commission as a Canada Lands Surveyor.

Sources: The Canadian Surveyor, Annual Report 1975, p. 365.
The Canadian Surveyor, September 1978, p. 374.
Lighthouse, Nov. 1979, p. 30.
The Canadian Surveyor, Spring 1984, p. 50.
Lighthouse, Spring 1990, p. 54.

 • 1960 - classification in 1960: Tech Off 4
•April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Hydrographic Training (as Technical Officer 4)
1964 - Hydrographer in Charge - CSS Cartier - Great Lakes survey
1966 - Staff assignment, Central Region - Education
1969 - Hydrographer in Charge - Lower St. Lawrence Survey,
a production/development operation
1973 - Appointed Regional Hydrographer, Central Region

Staff Commander J.H. Kerr, R.N.

• 1862-71 – surveyed C Bonavista to Bay Bulls, Nfld., under Orlebar (chart BA296)
• 1865 - As "Master", surveyed Smith & Random Sounds, Nfld. (chart 4545, 4546)
• 1866 - assisted landing 2nd Atlantic cable.
• 1866 – surveyed Carbonear & Brigus Bay, Nfld. (chart BA297)
• 1867 - as Staff Commander, surveyed cable between Placentia Bay & Cape Breton.
• 1869 - assisted GREAT EASTERN land cable at St. Pierre.
• 1869 – surveyed harbours of Fogo I. (chart BA291)
• 1869-71 - surveyed East of Toulinguet, Nfld. (chart BA 285)
• 1869-71 - surveyed Gander Bay to C. Bonavista (chart BA 293)
• 1871 - retired?

Walter Kettle

• 1958 - Captain - CSS Baffin
1959 - Captain - CSS Baffin
1964 - Captain - CSS Baffin
1966 - Captain - CSS Baffin

S. Keyes

   1967 - Joined CHS - drafting section - Ottawa        (same as S.J. Keyes???)
1968 - working level draftsman - Ottawa

S.J. Keyes

• 1983 –Strait of Belle Isle survey (FS 4962)

Peter Kielland

Peter Kielland is a graduate of the Surveying Engineering program at Laval University in Quebec City and holds a Canada Lands Surveyor commission.  He has worked for the Canadian Hydrographic Service since 1973.  His first 11 years with the CHS were spent as a field hydrographer.  He is currently Development Officer at CHS Headquarters in Ottawa.  His last 10 years with CHS have been spent managing GPS R&D projects and developing Quality Control techniques for digital bathymetric data.
Source: Lighthouse, No .54, Fall 1996.
1998 Canadian Hydrographic Conference Proceedings, p. 7.

K.V. Kierstead

• 1928 - Saint John, N.B. survey.
• 1929 - Hudson Bay survey.
• 1929 - resigned before end of fiscal year.

E.H. Kiffiak

• 1964 - Student Assistant, CSL Rae - Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River NWT

T.L. Killeen

• early 1909 - hired.

Dr. Kindle

• 1921 - Dept. of Mines representative on Lake Melville survey.

G.H. King

• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Bedford Institute, Field Officer (as Technical Officer 1)
1964 - Hydrographer - CSS Kapuskasing - Chaleur Bay
1966 - Hydrographer - CSS Maxwell - Newfoundland, New Bruswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia
1967 - Hydrographer - CSS Baffin - Grand Bank of Nfld (22 May - 27 Oct)
1970 - Hydrographer - Shore Party # 3 - Pubnico - Yarmouth, NS (27 April - 30 Oct)

L.V. King

• 1910 – surveyed Port Burwell, Labrador (chart BA1221)

Prof. Louis Vescot King

• 1910 - icebreaker STANLEY, assisted with Hudson Bay survey.
• later, Professor of Physics, McGill University.
• 1916 - conducted test on CARTIER with a submerged oscillator

Dr. W.F. King

• Dominion Astronomer.
• 1902 - International Waterways Commission.
• 3 December, 1903 - died. [?]
• March 1907 - resigned from International Waterways Commission

Laureen E. Kinney

Ms. Kinney started her first assignment under the EX Bridging Program on July 29, 1997 as Director, Hydrography, maritime Region, in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.
She hold a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from the University of British Columbia.
She joined the Federal Public Service in 1976 as a Flight Service Specialist/Coast Guard Radio Operator, Canadian Coast Guard, in St. Rupert [Prince Rupert?], B.C. Since then, she has held various positions with the Canadian Coast Guard as Flight Service Station Manager, in Sand Spit, B.C., Assistant Regional Operations Supervisor, in Toronto, Ont., and back to Vancouver, B.C> as Regional Superintendent, Telecommunications Operations, Acting Director, Telecommunications and Traffic Services, Acting Director, Operational Programs, Superintendent, marine Communications and Traffic Services, and most recently, Acting Director, marine Programs. In 1994, she also took an assignment as the National Canadian Coast Guard Representative on substance Use Legislation.
Source: DFO Human Resources, 1997

G.B. Kirby

• 1961 - Pacific Region, Clerk (Clerk 2).

W. Kirk

• 1963 - Quartermaster - CSS Richardson - Weatern Arctic

T. Kirkwood

• 1964 - 24 Aug - 9 Oct, attached to CSS Kapuskasing - Chaleur Bay

Stacey Susan Kirkpatrick (nee Turcotte(-Greenslade))

• Dec 1998-started with CHS-Russell Road office-Chart corrections
• Jan 2000-assigned to Booth St office-Notices to mariners
• 2001-Began working in Chart production-Raster files used for Print on Demand (POD)
• Internal Auditor for CHS ISO certification
• Oct 2004-Oct 2005-Maternity Leave-Daughter Lauren born to Stacey and Kevin Kirkpatrick-November 18, 2004

Lieutenant John Harry Knight, R.N. (Ret'd.)

• 1901-04 surveyed Nanoose, under Parry (chart BA3517)
• 1904 - on HMS EGERIA, Active Pass (chart BA 3520)
• 1905-08 - surveyed Moresby Pass & Gabriola Pass, under Parry (chart BA3618, BA3619)
• 1911 - joined CHS
• 1912 - Senior Assistant to Capt. Anderson,Lower St. Lawrence River survey & Hudson Bay survey, MINTO
• 1913 - Transferred to British Columbia survey.  Senior Assistant to Lt. P.C. Musgrave, LILLOUET,  British Columbia .
• 1914 - Officer in Charge of NADEN, DeHorsey Island area survey.
• 1914 - returned to Esquimalt to join HMCS RAINBOW.
1915 - retired as Lieutenant Commader from the Royal Navy.
• 1916 - listed as Lieutenant Commander
• 1919 - Hecate Strait survey, (listed as Commander, Ret'd.).
• 1920-21 - Officer in Charge of RESTLESS, Quatsino Inlet survey
• 1922 - Officer in Charge of RESTLESS, Johnstone Strait survey
• 1923 - Officer in Charge of RESTLESS, Queen Charlotte Sound survey
• 1924-26 - Officer in Charge of SOMASS, various surveys
• 1927 - Officer in Charge of SOMASS, Loredo Sound surveys
• 1928 - Officer in Charge of SOMASS and FRASER, Nootka and Blair Inlets survey
• 1929 - Officer in Charge of SOMASS, Victoria & Vancouver harbours survey.
• 1930-36 - Officer in Charge of PENDER, west coast Vancouver Island survey.
• 1932 - experimental work in photo-topography.
• 1937 - Officer in Charge of PENDER, Rivers Inlet survey.
• 1938 - Officer in Charge of Wm.J. STEWART, NW coast of Vancouver Island.
• 1938 - last field season, requested duties ashore.
• Dec. 29, 1939 - granted leave of absence, Lt.Cdr. in RCN, posted to RMC as instructor.
• Sept. 1942 - discharged from Navy due to ill health
• Oct. 1942- Dec. 1942 - returned to CHS
• 1943 - retired due to ill health

John Koenig

• 1912 - Chief Engineer, ARCTIC, magnetic surveys Hudson Bay

Lt. Kortwright, R.N.

• H.M.S. COLUMBIA (steam brig)
• 1842 – harbour surveys in Bay of Fundy

P. Korzeniowski

   1968 - Student Assistant - Lake of the Woods survey, Ont

G. Kosowan

   1966 - Joined CHS
1967/68 - working level draftsman - Ottawa

Albert Koudys


BIRTH DATE: 07-Jun-54
EDUCATION: High School - Grade 13
3 Year Resources Management -
Seneca College
Hydrography I - 1976
Hydrography II - 1979

JOINED: 02-Jun-75

Yrs of Service: 32.50959

WORK YEAR  WORK ASSIGNMENT                                        HIC, MANAGER/SUPERVISOR 

1975             Lake Winnipeg Survey                                     Gerry Wade
1976             James Bay - Coastal Survey                              Gerry Wade
1977             Lake Huron Survey May - August                        Dan Mahaffy
Lake Huron Survey Offshore - Sep                    Jack Wilson
1978             Hudson Bay Offshore                                        Ed Thompson
Lake Huron Coastal                                         Jack Wilson
1979             St. Lawrence River Survey                               Reg Lewis
1980             Revisory Survey                                              Mike Crutchlow
P.C.S.P.                                                        Paul Davies
1981             Lake Nipissing Survey                                      Ed Thompson
1982             P.C.S.P.                                                         Dick MacDougall
St. Lawrence River Survey                               Bruce Wright
1983             P.C.S.P.                                                         Dick MacDougall
St. Lawrence River Survey                               Bruce Wright
1984             P.C.S.P.                                                         Dick MacDougall
Lake Ontario Harbours (May/June)                    Mike Crutchlow
1985             Hudson Bay
Monitor Arnott Strait Contract                          Ed Thompson
1986             Lake Erie Harbours                                         Mike Crutchlow
1987             Rotation                                                        Dennis St. Jacques
1988             P.C.S.P.                                                        Arnie Welmers
Bay of Quinte                                                 Paul Davies
1989             Bay of Quinte & Lake Ontario Survey               Paul Davies
1990             Hudson Bay Survey                                         Ed Thompson
1991             Revisory Survey - HIC                                    George Macdonald
1992             Revisory Survey - HIC                                    George Macdonald
1993             Coppermine & Cambridge Bay survey              George Macdonald
1994             Cambridge Bay Survey                                   George Macdonald
1996             Georgian Bay Survey                                     Jack Wilson
1997             Supervisor, New Editions                               Bruce Richards
1998             Supervisor, New Editions                               George Fenn
1999             A/Mgr. Product Maintenance                           Julian Goodyear
2000             A/Mgr. Product Maintenance                           Julian Goodyear
2001             Verbal - no duties indicated                            George Fenn
2002             Supervisor, New Editions                                Brent Beale
2003             A/Head Data Management                               Keith Weaver

K.G. Kyler

   1969 - Student Assistant - CSS Wm J Stewart - Bc locations (26 May to 10 Oct)