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George Eaton

A message sent via email to all CHS-Pacific staff and Regional DFO managers on January 21st, 2004 from: Laura Richards, Regional Director Science, Pacific Region, and Denis Hains, Acting Dominion Hydrographer and DG CHS-HQ.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions that George Eaton, Director of the Canadian Hydrographic Service Pacific Region, has made during his career in DFO. As many of you know, George is now on leave pending his retirement in March 2004.

George joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service in 1971 and was assigned to the William J. Stewart for surveys in Quatsino Narrows, Brundige Inlet, Dixon Entrance and Malaspina Strait. From 1971 to 1994 he was involved in hydrographic surveys on the BC coast, in the Western Arctic, and on the Mackenzie River and assisted in or supervised the completion of almost 100 field sheets. He also participated in a number of reconnaissance and revisory survey projects, and in 1981 did a rotational assignment with NOAA in Alaska. In the late 1970s, he worked part-time while attending the University of New Brunswick, where he obtained a Batchelor of Science Degree in Survey Engineering. He later also obtained his Canada Land Surveyors commission. In 1985, George became a Hydrographer-in-Charge (H.I.C) and in 1996 he was appointed Manager, Hydrographic Surveys Division.

In 1999, George Eaton was appointed Director, Hydrography, Pacific Region. With that appointment also came the responsibility of being the Designated Senior Officer (DSO) at the Institute of Ocean Sciences. George has carried out those duties for the past five years, a very challenging time for all of the Regional Science Executive.

George worked hard to ensure that work priorities were clearly identified, staff were provided with the best possible tools and training, and that his many concerns were heard both in Pacific and in Ottawa. An accomplishment of note is the CHS's ISO certification and Pacific Region's leadership role in that process. In addition, George's commitment and dedication to lead the CHS National HR Committee has been greatly appreciated and noticed by all members of the CHS National Management Team.

Please join us in wishing George all the best in his retirement.

R. Michael Eaton

R.M. Eaton was born in England in 1928 and was educated mainly in Scotland.  He served 12 years in the British Royal Navy, seven surveying in the United Kingdom and eastern waters.  He joined the CHS in 1957.  He headed the Hydrographic Section of the Polar Continental Shelf Project from its inception in 1959 to 1963 where he conducted in hydrographic surveys in Hell Gate and Cardigan Channel.  He was elected a fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America.  Mike Eaton obtained an honors B.Sc. degree in physics in 1970 and holds a CLS commission.  He was Head of the Navigation Group at Bedford Institute where he provided advise and assistance of all sorts on radio positioning equipment: Decca, Hi-Fix, Loran-C, Doppler Satellite and Global Positioning System.  Perhaps his most important contribution was the combination of Doppler Satellite positioning with rho-rho Loran-C, cesium beam frequency counter, Doppler sonar log, gyro compass and any other sensor in a real-time positioning system known as BIONAV which he conceived.  This allowed the CHS to survey accurately vast portions of the offshore.  He won the Medal of Merit from the Wild Goose Association (later, the International Loran Association) in 1983.  He started the CHS Electronic Chart (EC) testbed project in 1984 and ran it for four years until shortly before it was demonstrated (and well received) during the Norwegian North Sea ECDIS tests in 1988.  Mike retired from the CHS in 1988, but doesn't seem able to stop working on the electronic chart.

In June 2000, he was awarded the Canada Marine Safety Award by the Canadian Marine Advisory Council for his development and promotion of the electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) and electronic charts.  The award was presented by the Minister of Transport, David Collenette.

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David Gray

1965 - Senior Assistant - CSS Kapuskasing - Chaleur Bay ( NB and Que)
1966 (Staff assignment, Atlantic Region) - - Education
1967 - Senior Assistant - CSS Baffin and CSS Kapuskasing - Grand Bank of Nfld (22 May - 1 Sept)
1969 - Lower St Lawrence Survey (Sound Velocity Observations) 9 June to 26 June

K.R. Ebborn

• 1946 - Student Assistant on MacKenzie River survey.

Miss K.M. Edmonds

• 1914-16 - Mr. Stewart's clerk-stenographer.
• 1918 - listed as Secretary to Wm.J. Stewart.

Capt. Edgell, R.N.

• 1801 – surveyed Pacquet’s Harbour, Nfld.
• Edgell Island (chart 5300) named after him

O.L. Edgecomb

• 1961 - Headquarters Staff, Clerk (Clerk 1)

Lieut. J.A. Edgell

• 1901-04 – surveyed Nanoose under Parry (chart BA3517)

H.M. Edwards

• 1965

B. Eidsforth

1966 - Summer Student - CSS Baffin - Tail of the Bank (16 May to 26 Aug)  - from E.O.I.T. Ottawa
1967 - Hydrographic Assistant - Ottawa River, Chats dam to Bryson dam (15 May to 16 Oct)
1967/68-Training-Hydro I
Photos: Hydro I 1967/68
1968 - Hydrographer - Trent Severn Survey, Ont
1969 - Hydrographer - Lower St Lawrence Survey (Current measurements) 20 April to 10 Sept
1969 - Hydrographer - Rideau Waterway survey, Ont (11 Sept - 22 Nov)

S.E. Eldring

• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Tides and Water Levels, Processing Compilation (as Technical Officer 2)

J.G. Elliott

• 1960 - classification in 1960: St. Draftsman
• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Drafting and Reproduction, Unit 2, Group c (Draftsman Grade 1).

W.F. Elliott

• 1928 - Saint John, N.B. survey.
• 1929-35 - North Shore, Gulf of St. Lawrence survey.
• 1933 - surveyed Baie Washtawouka to Baie Piashti (north shore of Gulf) (chart 4455)
• 1936-37 - Officer in Charge of HENRY HUDSON, North Shore of Gulf of St. Lawrence survey.
• 1938 - Officer in Charge of HENRY HUDSON, Quebec City survey.
• Dec. 1938 - transferred to Engineer Assistant, Aids to Navigation Branch, DOT.
• 1966 - Superintendent, Management, Aids to Navigation.

Douglas Ellis

• School of Mines, Kingston
• 1912 - hydraulic surveys, Detroit River.
• 1913-14 - water level studies St. Lawrence River.

W.L. Ellis

• 1960 - classification in 1960: Map Compiler and Computer 4
• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Head of Notices to Mariners (Technical Officer 4)

S.C. Ells, C.E.

• Department of Mines
• prior to 1912 - taken soundings at Moose Factory

A.F. Emery

• 1960 - classification in 1960:  Draftsman 2
• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Drafting and Reproduction, Unit 2, Group C (Draftsman Grade 3)

Dr. W.N. English

• 1962 - Director of Bedford Institute 

Victor Erb

1947 - xxxx

• July 1966 - August 1966       Seaman,  CSS Richardson -  Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
• May 1967 - Sept 1967         Coxswain, CSS Richardson -  Vancouver Island and transit to Alaska and Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
• May 1968 - Sept 1968         Quartermaster, CSS Richardson - Pullen Island, Sachs Harbour, NWT
• May 1971 - Sept 1971         Seaman, CSS Richardson - Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and transit to Victoria, BC
• June 1971                             Seaman, CSS Vector - Port Alberni, Vancouver Island


I was born in Victoria BC in 1947 and moved to Winnipeg Man in 1953. In 1957 we moved to Gunnar Mines Sask for a year on the North Shore of Lake Athabaska before moving back to Victoria in 1958.

In 1965 I entered the University of Victoria studying Mathematics until 1970. During this period I joined the Canadian Hydrographic Service as a student during the summer months. 

In 1970 I obtained a Commercial Pilot licence and an Instrument Rating in 1972. I joined Air Canada in 1973.

Col. O.H. Ernest, U.S. Army

• 1902 - first Chairman of International Waterways Commssion.

Roy H. Ettershank

  born 19 August 1896 in British Columbia (1901 census)

The Pacific Coast Staff of the Hydrographic Service gathered in the office of the Regional Hydrographer on the afternoon of April 9, 1965, to honour Mr. Roy Hall Ettershank on the occasion of his retirement from the Service after 38 years. Mr. Young made the presentation, on behalf of the staff, of a 35 mm camera and a framed testimonial expressing appreciation for his long and useful career. The lady members of the staff served coffee and cake and all joined in wishing "Etty" a long and happy retirement.

Mr. Ettershank joined the Hydrographic Service in 1927 and first served under Commander J.H. Knight on the Houseboat Somass when hydrographic surveying was strictly a leadline and stadia rod enterprise. In alter years, he served on CGS Lillooet, houseboat Pender, and CGS Wm.J. Stewart. His interest in things electrical and mechanical assisted greatly in the early days of the echo sounder. For the past ten years Mr. Ettershank has put his knowledge of marine architecture and ship's equipment to good use in design and maintenance of the west coast surveying fleet.

Source: Soundings, August 1966.

• 1927 - appointed as a junior hydrographer.
• 1927 - Loredo Sound surveys.
• 1928 - Millbanke Sound survey
• 1930-35 - west coast Vancouver Island survey.
• 1936 - Queen Charlotte Islands survey.
• 1937 - various Pacific coast surveys.
• 1939-41 - Strait of Georgia survey.
• 1942 - Vancouver & Fitzhugh Sound surveys.
• 1943 - Prince Rupert survey.
• 1944 - Strait of Georgia surveys
• 1945 - Seymour Narrows survey.
• 1946 - Inside Passage surveys.
• 1947 - Queen Charlotte & Smith Sounds surveys
• Ettershank Cove (near Sand Heads) named after him?

Timothy V. Evangelatos

Tim Evangelatos completed a Master's degree in Systems Engineering in 1979. Tim was the recipient of the Prince Albert I Medal, which is awarded by the International Hydrographic Organization for the best original article published in the International Hydrographic Review during the 5 year period between International Hydrographic Conferences.

Source: Lighthouse, Spring 1992, p. 58.
Lighthouse, Nov. 1979, p. 32.

Sir Frederick I.O. Evans

• 1879-83 - Hydrographer of the [Royal] Navy.

F.D. Ewing

• April 1963 (CHS org chart)- Bedford Institute, Current Surveys (Technician 1)

Gerald Neil Ewing

Gerald N. Ewing was born in Hampton, New Brunswick, and received his early education there. Upon completion of high school in 1950, he enlisted in the Canadian Army and served in Canada and Korea until 1953. He continued his education at St. Francis Xavier University, receiving a B.Sc. degree in geology in 1957. During his years at St. Francis Xavier, he was a member of both hockey and soccer varsity teams.

He was employed as an exploration geophysicist with Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. from 1957 until 1961, working primarily in southern Saskatchewan and northern Alberta. He joined the newly formed division of Oceanographic Research of the then Department of Mines and Technical Surveys and worked on oceanographic problems at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography before taking educational leave to study marine geophysics in 1963. He received his M.Sc. degree from Dalhousie in 1965, returning to the Bedford Institute to become involved with the problems of integrating shipborne gravity and magnetic measuring techniques with offshore hydrographic surveys.

He became assistant regional hydrographer in 1969 and Dominion hydrographer in March 1972. In 1979 he was appointed assistant deputy minister, Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Sources: The Canadian Surveyor, September 1972, p. 445.
The Canadian Surveyor, Dec. 1982, p. 179.

from a Halifax paper obituary:

Gerald Neil Ewing, age 75, of Lakelands, Hants County, passed away Wednesday, June 4th, 2008, in the Windsor Elms Village.
Gerald was born on 21 July 1932 in Hampton, New Brunswick, and was the son of the late William Colin and Mabel Regis (MacDermott) Ewing.
A veteran of the Korean war, and a recipient of the Major General Sword, Gerry pursued a career in the public service of Canada, including several positions; Scientific officer at BIO; Dominion Hydrographer of Canada, and Assistant Deputy Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. An avid sportsman, Gerry was involved in hockey, curling and lawn bowling. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion No. 165, Mount Uniacke and Bedford Lions Club.