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"Pilots and Sailing Directions" is the official mariners' handbook and contains much information which cannot be shown conveniently on charts. It covers the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada, Gulf of St Lawrence, St Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, the Mackenzie River Systen, and Hudson Bay and Strait (1950 annual report)

1950    A new edition of the "St. Lawrence Pilot", a standard volume of "Pilots and Sailing Directions" was issued.

1950    A supplement to the "British Columbia Pilot" was issued.

1953    Two new Pilots were issued: Shores of Newfoudland and St Lawrence River, Quebec to Kingston
B.C. Pilot Vol 1, 5th edition and a Supplement to NS (southeast coast) and Bay of Fundy Pilot were published.

1954    British Columbia Pilot Vol II, 3rd Edition was issued
also issued were:
Supplement No. 2 to Gulf of St Lawrence Pilot
Supplement No. 1 to St Lawrence River Pilot (below Quebec)
Supplement No. 1 to Great Lakes Pilot, Vol. III
Supplement No. 1 to Newfoundland Pilot

1955    New publication: "The Labrador and Hudson Bay Pilot" was issued

1956    The following volumes were issued (see 1956/57 annual report):
St Lawrence Pilot, First Edition (combines Gulf of St. Lawrence Pilot and St. Lawrence Pilot           below Quebec)
Quebec to Kingston Pilot, Second Edition
Great Lakes Pilot, Vol II, First Edition (combines volumes II and III)

                    Supplement No. 1, Great Lakes Pilot, Vol I
Supplement No. 3, Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy Pilot
Supplement No. 2, Newfoundland Pilot
Supplement No. 1, Labrador and Hudson Bay Pilot

1958        (1958 Annual Report)
New Volume covering Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River published.

                    Six supplements to other available volumes.

1959        (1959 Annual Report)
New Pilot of Arctic Canada, Volumes I and II

               New Edition of British Columbia Pilot, Volume I, and three supplements were issued.

1962        (1962 Annual Report)
New Edition of Great Lakes Pilot, Vol II was published
French Edition of the St. Lawrence River Pilot was published.

                     Ten supplements to the other 14 Pilots were issued.

1963        (1963 Annual Report)
New edition of Great Lakes Pilot Vol 1 was published.
Nine supplements to other pilots were published.

1964        (1964 Annual Report)
The second edition of the St. Lawrence Pilot was published.
Seven supplements for the 14 pilots were published.

1965        (1965 Annual Report)
The second edition of the Saint John River Pilot was published.
The secomd edition of the Labrador and Hudson Bay Pilot was published.
Nine supplements to existing Pilots were published.

1967        (1967 Annual Report)
9 Information Bulletins were published
7 Pilot Index maps were published
New edition of the Great Lakes Pilot Volume 1 was published
Pilot of Arctic Canada Volume 3 was published
Eight Supplements to existing Pilot editions were issued

1973        (1973 Annual Report)
British Columbia Coast (South Portion) Vol. 1, Eighth Edition was published
British Columbia Small Craft Guide Vol. 1, First edition was published
Trent-Severn Waterway Small Craft Guide, First Edition was published
Supplement No. 6 to the Second Edition of the Labrador and Hudson Bay Pilot was published
Translation into French of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia (SE Coast) and Bay of Fundy was completed.