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The History of the CHS Headquarters

Staff Accommodation

(The dates and locations prior to 1948 are based on flimsy records and are not to be taken as complete or as covering the whole time period or the staff sections as listed)

1907 - 1910 (maybe 1912) Corry Bldg. Rideau St. (Bank National Bldg) next to Union Station (two floors occupied)

Later    REA Bldg, across Rideau, between Sussex and Mackenzie Ave.

During war (which war?)   Waller Street Public School

1940   HQ and Field Staff in Confederation Bldg, Chart Production near Union Station.

1948  As of 1 Jan the position of Dominion Hydrographer, Canadian Hydrographic Service, was established.

1948  All hydrographic components moved to #8 Temporary Bldg (third floor) on Carling Ave. near Dow's Lake.
Hydrographic Headquarters moved from Confederation Bldg where it had been since 1936.
Field staff moved from the Labelle Bldg.

19??  Chart distribution moved to centre town. (Weight of stored charts buckled floor of #8 Temp Bldg.)

1961  All hydrographic components moved to new building (Surveys and Mapping) at 615 Booth Street.